Osona is located in the center of Catalonia, an ideal location for cyclists. Here you will discover extraordinary landscapes, charming villages, historical locations, outstandingly natural tasty food and quiet roads.

The region is surrounded by natural beauty and awesome cycling experiences, just 25 miles to the north, begin the high peaks of the Pyrenees, famously used for the Vuelta a España and Volta Ciclista a Catalunya World Tour Pro Cycling races but still intimate and peaceful. The Costa Brava coastline and area, especially well-known in the cycling world, where many pro cycling teams have chosen as their base of operations, like Sky, EF Education, Michelton Scott, and where many pros call home due to its great weather, quality of life and excellent roads.

Osona is located in the north of the province of Barcelona, halfway between Barcelona city and the mountains and west of Girona. It's just one hour away from Barcelona, Girona, the beach, the Pyrenees and 1½ hours from France and 2 hours from Andorra. In a few days cycling, you can ride in 3 different countries, all from one starting point!

Osona's top features:

Areas of great natural beauty and tranquility such as Collsacabra or Savassona, and other protected areas such as the Montseny Natural Park or the Guilleries.

  • Festivals and markets, including the Música Viva de Vic, or the Pork and Beer fair.
  • Historical medieval villages, and some. industrial legacy, Romanesque monasteries, museums; everything you need to learn about our history and heritage.
  • Charming villages such as Rupit or El Brull, hidden in the mountains and rural countryside. The kinds of villages you stumble upon by taking paths surrounded by fields and woods, like in Malla or Oris.
  • Great cuisine. The cuisine still includes natural ingredients from the heart of the forests and the countryside.
Typical bean dish with butifarra, aioli and bread with tomato
Typical bean dish with butifarra, aioli and bread with tomato

Osona is well connected to the rest of Catalonia and with major roads and train lines. Running North to South, the C-17 road directly connects the capital of the county with Barcelona and the Pyrenees, Osona is located in the middle. In the other direction, the East-West motorway C-25 connects Lleida with Girona. All areas of Catalonia are easily accessible from here. Flights are available year round from Girona and Barcelona airports.

And yet, Osona remains largely undiscovered by outside tourism, popular with the locals, but unspoilt and authentic. On one of our favourite rides, you will probably see more cyclists than cars!